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"Dachi" Culture 

Action belief:  Execute command decidedly   Complete the task perfectly

Business Enterprise Aim: "Talent As Focus, Market As Head,Technology As Support, Quality As Guarantee, Customer’s Satisfaction As Purpose",

Enterprise Spirit: "Ideological Diversification, Military Actions, Optimized Engineering, All-round Modernization, Scientific Behavior"

Quality Policy: Adopting first-class technology to produce first-class products, and offering First-class services to enable customer satisfaction

 Quality Objective: Continuously introduce advanced technology, so that "Dachi" products reach the international advanced level; in the service life, put an end to all accident of quality; As for the user's query, to solve faster and offer sevice at a short period of time.

Service Aim: Regard the user as "God" and be responsibe for users and service for user to satisfy the user.

Service Promise: Since receiving the user feedback information, the required services to the scene to arrive at the scene in the best way and at the highest speed until the user’s satisfaction.

Four Enterprise newness: Updating the concept 

Teamwork Spirit: Initiative, Ideological, Cooperative

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